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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 21, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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. >> we again with a fox news alert. buffalo buried in snow. the death toll rising as the risk increases by the minute for even more roof collapses. hi, everyone. i'm heather childers in for gretchen carlson, and this is "the real story." well, that lake-effect storm dumping foot after foot of snow for three days, and now more rough weather is on the way. heavy rain raising flooding concerns this weekend, possibly adding to the rob. here's what's going on right now. at least 30 major roof cave-ins
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reported. hamburg new york just outside of buffalo. he also also to be the police and fire commissioner there. thank you so much for joining us. so you have obviously been very busy. what is the greatest concern that you have there in hamburg. you are a very small town. what are you dealing with? >> our biggest concern is right now the amount of snow we've got and possible collapsing of roofs, that type of thing, and getting these -- we're running into problems with people with food because we are just getting back out on to the streets now, and people are helping shovel out.
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there's a driving ban. all of our streets are passable. that's not so this morning. there was about 42% that were not even touch yet. there were making some headway now. yesterday we had very difficult time with the amount of snow that was falling. there's a lot of rain and water. conditions are supposed to warm up this weekend. up to 50 degrees. are you concerned about flood thering? >> we're trying too prepare for some of the flooding. also with the roofs we have to make sure that the floot roofs, people can get to their drains and stuff even if the snow is not all off of it. the trains are open, and the water melts. it will go to the drain and take away some of the weight that would be up there. we are going to another mode now of making sure that that would be taken care of. we're also working on bringing in other equipment too get our
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main street business area cleared off and then so that our business kz reopen and not suffer as much as well. >> in the meantime, before you do that, what are you advising residents to do this weekend? >> well, right now just bear with it for the next day or so. we can get them back on to the roads because i think the rye will be opening probably either late tonight or tomorrow. then we can start getting our people moving and get back into the regular daily routine. they're going to just have to have two more days of patients and we're working very hard to make positive things happen. sfroo all right. mayor, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule with all this going on to join us. we appreciate it. >> okay. thank you. >> well, to another story we're following. president obama sparking swift reaction following his immigration decree. republicans voicing outrage. house speaker john boehner blasting the unilateral action saying that president obama is damaging the presidency itself.
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well, fox team coverage ed henry on the presses's road trip to rally support, and mike emmanuel. we begin with our favorite chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel. mike, what are some other concerns expressed by speaker boehner? >> well, thank you very much. speaker boehner essentially said that the concerns that we saw at our border last summer, the humanitarian cries at the border last summer could be worse next summer based on the president's actions. the speaker is promising that the house will respond, but clearly sunded frustrated. >> well, this action the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipart sdmran reforms that he claims to seek. as i tealed the president yesterday he is damaging the presidency itself. >> boehner says that the american people want both parties to work on the major problems facing our country, starting with the economy, and he says now the president is acting like an emper or.
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>> are democrats unhappy with the president taking this action, going around congress? >> well, the vast majority are supported, but there are clearly some who have some discomfort with the president taking this action. let's take a look at the number of democrats and one independent who are opposed to this action saying they wish he wouldn't do it. the president should make significant policy changes on his own. they have concerns about constitutional separation of powers, but the top senate democrat is on board. >> give us more time. give us more time. 511 days is enough time. we've given them this time waiting patiently, but meantime, the four of us will support this historic step of family, stability. >> that 511 days reference is since the senate passed bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. some folks up here on capitol hill are now saying this issue will be toxic for a long time.
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heather. sfroo a list of democrats appears toob increasing, though. thank you very much. mike emmanuel, appreciate it. >> meanwhile, announcing an immigration decree in washington is, of course, one thing, but winning over the american public, that is quite another. now president obama is hitting the road as he looks to rally support for his controversial and unilateral plan. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live from washington d.c. first of all, ed, they've made me say favorite, by the way. sfwroo okay. i thought michael was. okay. >> how difficult will the sales pitch be for the president? >> i think it's an uphill battle for a number of reasons. you hear mike talking about republican leaders saying he is an emperor, and now as he goes speaking next hour at a school to lay out this plan, again, the proob for the president -- he has an increasing number of democrats raising questions about it. joe donnelley of indiana, joe manchin of west virginia putting out rough statements last night saying, yes, republicans should act in congress, but they think the president shouldn't have gone around congress.
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something joosh ernest picked up on this morning on fox and friends when he said, look, republicans have failed to act. listen. >> the speaker of the house is actually asked a question two or three days after the election. he was requested directly if he intended bring up commonsense bipart sdmran immigration reform in the next congress. he wouldn't even commit to doing that. if we can pass that piece of legislation, the president is ready to tearing up the executive actions that he signed last night, sign that bill, and make that bill become law. >> we checked the transcript. the white house is not telling the whole steer. yes, after the election speaker boehner said he wanted to talk on his caucus before deciding how they would move forward. he sort of hesitated. then he said basically it's time for congress to deal with this, suggesting there will be action by republicans in 2015. >> but will it be the action that president obama wants? that's the xwe. the president brought scripture into his speech last night. a lot of people talking about that. apparently a leading 2016 contender did that as well. >> yeah.
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interesting that his former secretary of state hillary clinton was tweeting her praise of the president's action, and used similar words as he did. at one point saying our disagreements on twitter are disagreements on the important issue. they can yet find common ground. interesting as well because if you look democrats are really sending around some of the front pages from around the country. you see it there. yes, we could. also, the san antonio express news, president reaching out to 5 million immigrants as well as millions. sort of suggesting, look, all these millions of people are avoiding deportation. bottom line is what the white house believes is they may take a hit in the short-term on this use of executive power, but long-term, democrats are reaching out to hispanics. >> also, my favorite chief white house correspondent. huh. >> thanks. speaking of the white house noeshgs kurt incident at the
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white house. the secret service on top of it, though, this time arresting a woman with a .9 millimeter handgun outside the white house. the one woman was taking part in demonstrations. it was during the president's address when agents noticed that she was carrying a gun in a holster. a spokesman for the secret service says the 23-year-old michigan woman did not cooperate with agents who were questioning her, and she now faces charges of possessing an unregistered weapon. >> on his way to las vegas, he gets off, and then he rushes into the white house. when he comes out a few moments later, he says he forgot his blackberry. showing it off to reporters and photographs. wait just one second. see right there. a photographer noticing something rather curious in the first photo when the president got out of the helicopter to begin where.
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why in repair bill will cost someone a pretty penny. >> plus, goo guy doesn't know when to quit. you'll want to hear about this. john gruber speaking out about the states. what he had to say about those who fought getting into the obama care marketplace. plus this. >> does anybody have a -- a shot call 911 with your cell phone zoosh a shooting on campus at florida state ends with three students injured and the gunman dead. we will talk with one student who survived. didn't even know he was shot until he took this out. he took out his textbook. stay with us. the holiday season is here,
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>> obama care whiz kid jon in an
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gruber getting fired by a second state. north carolina joining vermont in pulling his consulting contracts. meanwhile, another video, yes, another one, coming out as gruber gate just keeps getting bigger. had time he slams the 2024 states that refuse to expand medicaid through obama care calling them evil. >> the prying they're willing -- they'reotology sacrifice billions of dollars of injections into their economy in order to punish poor people. i mean, it really is just almost awesome in its evilness. >> well, now it's time to talk for some real talk with michelle fields. she's a correspondent with pj tv and a foox news contributor and one of my twitter buddies. how are you doing, michelle? what do you think about that? awesome in its evilness.
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what is he talking about? what's i had rick husband is not only did he say that why the republicans rejected medicaid is because they don't care about the pir, but he also suggested that the reasons why is they're motivated by racism. this is coming from the person behind bim care. i mean, it's absolutely ridiculous. this is supposed to be an economics expert, and he doesn't realize that the reason why republican governors rejected it is because it's not financially sound, and the states that have rejected it have saved the federal government over $88 billion so far. >> in the sound that we just heard, you know, he alleges that those states that did not choose this, the 24 of them wanted to punish poor people. where are you getting the racism out of that? >> later on in the interview he says that it's motivated by racism and other factors. later on in that interview. later on in the interview he
11:16 am
does suggest that when he is talking bsh yeah, this is somebody who is behind obama care. now darrell isa has subpoenaed him to testify in front of congress. which i think is a good thing. this is a man who has -- who the taxpayers have given $6 million too, and he is suggesting that we were all misled, so i think he has a lot of answers to -- a lot of answers to give us. >> what else do you think we'll hear just finally when he does testify? what does this say overall in terms of the administration and bim care and what we did know and did not tell people? >> well, i think what it suggests is that republicans were right. republicans were saying this from the very beginning. what is he going to say whether he testifies? well, i hope that he says more than lois lerner, and i hope we figure out why we were misled and who else was involved.
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>> no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vein. >> this in light of new protests ahead of the grand jury decision on whether the police officer who killed michael brown should be charged. we are live in missouri. plus this. >> how the book -- a book that our next guest checked out of the florida state university library moments before the deadly shooting there saved his life. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium...
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>> welcome back too the real story. new details on yesterday's tragic shooting at florida state university leaving three people injured, one critical, and the gunman dead. authorities have identified the gunman is myron may. he is a 2005 fsu graduate. police say that may sent packages to friends and investigators are hoping that they may shed some more light on his motive. hopefully we're also learning, meantime, how this book miraculously saved one potential victim. jason durfus. he was leaving the library yesterday when the shots range out. we are very happy to have jason here with us to tell his side of the story. jason, first of all, we're so thankful that you were not injured, and you were xwred reply lucky, correct? tell us about the book that you discovered once you got home. >> it was a book i had checked out for a research project that
11:22 am
i was doing, and i take not the books because i needed read through them and get some quotation from it, and that's when i saw that the cover of the book just had a big hole in it, and i flipped through the book. the bullet had penetrated through the entire book, and that's when one of my roommates came in, and we looked through the book bag. he pulled out the bullet, and that's bh i realized that the books had actually saved my life. >> oh, jason, behalves your reaction when you finally realized, you know, what you were looking at? >> i crumpled to the ground, and i started crying. >> oh. >> it was incredible. i just started praising god and my roommate was there, and we just started praising god together. >> that's teelgtsly, totally understandable. now, the book was in a backpack. it was on your back at the time. is that correct? where were you holding it? were you running out? what were you hearing, and what were you doing when you were trying to get away from the
11:23 am
gunman? >> honestly i just walked out of the library. nothing was happening yet. when i reached the bum of the stairs, i heard a gunshot behind me, and the backpack was on my back. i had both straps over my shoulders, and i turned around. he had already moved on to another person, and shot them down. >> oh. you know, have you heard anything at all? i mean, i don't want you to speculate, but do you know why he would have done this, and would you ever imagine something like this happening on your campus? >> it was slooulgts completely random. i really don't think he had a motive to shoot anyone in particular. i just think he was a very disturbed individual. >> that's just about it. >> okay. and what class, by the way, was this book for? >> this was for my traditions
11:24 am
class. >> it's very telling that you're giving thanks to god for being alive today, and it was that particular class that you checked the book out for, right? >> what would you say too other people? i mean, obviously your faith is very strong, and that's helping pull yourself through this. i mean, what have you said on to your parents or family? what have they said about what happened to you? >> my parents actually drove up from orlando to see me last night. they're in agreement with me that it's completely -- it's god who saved me and they're amazed as well. sfroo well, you definitely have an inspiring story. we are thankful that you are okay, and we certainly appreciate you spending the time and sharing it with us today. thank you so much. well, it didn't take long for a strong public backlash. another story that we're following. to the frez's unilateral action
11:25 am
on immigration. how republicans plan to answer the president's plan. plus, thunder snow. you can hear it there. what is next for people in buffalo? >> it will remain cold today and through tonight. temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the zero range. still very dangerous.
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sgrirnks china's central bank cutting interest rates in a surprise new move to stimulate growth. europe anne's central bank might follow suit. the reaction here? dramatic. take a look at the dow. the s&p is hitting all-time highs with more than 70 of its stocks in record territory. including lots of retail names. just a week before black friday. a major recall in graco brand baby strollers following the reports of fault where i hinge that is have already caused several children to lose finger tips. the recall affecting eight models, around five million strollers in all. the company telling owners to contact the company immediately for a free repair kit. and the snowfall forcing the nfl to move this weekend's buffalo bills game brsh they are supposed to face the new york jets sunday, but with snow drifts ten feet high inside the stadium, instead the bills and the jets will play monday night in detroit. bills tight end right there, scott chandler, he is attempting to get there to the game and conquer all that snow via a snow
11:30 am
mobile. we'll see if he makes it. well, after days of epic snowfall, people in western new york are dealing with what's called thunder snow. >> they are bracing for even more weather-related damage and danger. live in the stocks news weather center we have the latest. first of all, rick, what is thunder snoi? >> thunder snow is an incredibly cool thing. when you think about a thunder snow that forms mostly in the spring or sumtime, it's because it's so warm on the ground and it's cooler up above. all that air rises and you end up with thunder. we call it convection. in this case the water temperature of the great lakes is around 50 degrees. the temperature going up about 5,000 feet as that zero degrees. all of that moist air is rising, and you end up getting thunder storms in the middle of the snowstorm. we call it thunder snow, and when you have thunder snow that's indicative that you are getting xwred reply fast-falling snow. you get snowfall rates up to
11:31 am
five inches an hour. >> there's an old wives tale saying if you hear thunder snow, it will snow again within seven days. do you think that will happen here? >> i have never heard that wives' tale. that is absolutely new to me. listen, it is great lakes lake-effect snow season, and we are going to see a warmup come here, but it's gnt tooing last for very long. we'll cool things back behind this next storm, and i'm sure we'll see more snow within seven days. >> that warmup could cause some problems. we've been hearing a lot about roof collapses. now, how exactly does that happen? >> yeah. you know, it's a really scare where i thing what we're seeing on these rooves. we have a graphic we can show you here about how much this snow weighs. if you have to take an average home, say, about 2,000 square feet, and you put seven feet of snow on that, we can do the math here, and the cubic density -- the weight of one cubic density of water is 62 pounds. now, in this case the snow for 20 inches of snow was about one inch of water. all of that math comes together
11:32 am
showing that on an average roof right now, 20 of the 2,000 square foot house, that weight there is 43,000 pounds. that, we're talking, about the weight of, say, ten cars. now we're going to pe teshlly get about another inch of rain falling on top of this area. it's cold now. it's not melting anywhere, but we'll see rain move in saturday, sunday into monday, and an inch of rain, that's like adding an additional three cars on to one of the rooves. you can imagine that weight not all those rooves can handle that. it's important to get that off of those rooves if you can do so safely before we get this rain that's going to come in and add additional weight on to those rooves. >> thank you so much, rick. a lot of people will be tuning in and watching the forecast. very important stuff. thank you. sfwlimplgts well, the president forging ahead on immigration. going it alone through executive action. republicans now mapping out their next steps. keeping in mind some key voting blocks for 2016. alan combs, host of the alan combs show, and mike gallagher,
11:33 am
syndicated radio host, both are fox news contributeors xshgs they join with us their insight. thank you both for joining us. >> hey, heather. how are you? >> i'm doing good. >> i hear that you're both very fired up on this one. first of all, let's just get your general thoughts on what do republicans need to do in response to what the president has had to say? mike, i'll start with you. sfwroo well, in a nutshell, republicans have to not kill each other. i mean, one of two things is going to happen. either the conservative arm of the republican party is going to prevail and the leadership is going have to accept the sort of fire brand conservativism of ted crews and others, or the ted cruises will have to play nice with the mitch mcconnells and john boehners of the party. so my wish is that the republican party doesn't squander the goodwill of the midterm election flashing that democrats received and democrats are going to be able to unify against the emperor's decree last night that he is going to
11:34 am
make up his own laws as he goes. >> alan, emperor's decree. is that what you think it was? what do you think republicans should do? >> well, the first thing is john boehner today filed a lault against the administration. if that's an example of trying to work together, they threatened a lawsuit, and today he actually filed it. >> i'm talking about republicans to battle against the emperor. >> maybe are you jealous of the crown he has. you like that kind of gold on your head. >> he has a big crown. >> you know, the first single thing boehner did say is file a lawsuit ostensibly about obama care, but did he mention obama doing what he did on immigration. what he did is much less than what ronald reagan did or what george h.w. bush did. they gave permanent am nest where i. this is a three-year temporary reprieve for certain undocumented immigrants who have a hands to stay here and this could be changed by the
11:35 am
congress. they could now still give him a bill. it could be changed by the next president. >> right. >> there is still an opportunity for republicans to weigh in here and do something about it. >> before you jump in, we've heard a lot about comparisons to both ronald reagan and george bush. heats listen to what ronald reagan had to say about amnesty. >> even though sometime back they may have entered illegally. >> okay. so there was a very big key difference here, though, in how these situations were handled in terms of congress and legislation that they had passed or had not passed. >> well, it's night and day difference, heather, but the point is it's sort of irrelevant, isn't it? ultimately those of us who respect and admire the leg as where i of president reagan understand that applied to today's circumstances, president reagan probably wouldn't have been as harsh on illegal
11:36 am
immigration as many of us would have expected, but that's today. it was a different era. it was a different time. it's ultimately irrelevant. it doesn't matter what happened dozens -- you know, decades ago. it matters now. your question -- i noticed alan didn't answer question. republicans ought to be unified in filing lawsuits, defunding the government. >> you really want that? that's going to ruin your party. >> absolutely. >> please do that. please do that. i urge your party to do that. that will be great for democrats. that will be a gift to democrats. by the way, the issue is -- >> you're in a good position. >> it doesn't matter. the issue here is hypocrisy, and the different attitude people had towards bushes and reagan as they have towards this president. >> you mean the hypocrisy of a president who said about 25 times he wouldn't do what he did last night? >> no, he actually said he was going to do something, but he did not give amnesty. he didn't do -- he did what -- >> he wouldn't go this route. >> presidents have prosecutorial discretion, and that's what he did yesterday.
11:37 am
>> what about -- >> fox news has -- >> what about working with republicans? i want to get off republicans for a moment because we keep talking about republicans not working with democrats and president obama continues to say that he places the blame on republicans specifically in the house. isn't president obama kind of doing the same thing when he comes out? you know, after the midterms he said that he would work with republicans. he would give them an opportunity. that was november 4th. now it's november 21st. he didn't give them very long to work on anything together. >> well, it's still an opportunity because republicans can still give him a bill. republicans can still offer them something. satedly, congress for years, they did you not act on. had they actually done that, the president would not have done what he did yesterday. >> republicans gave harry reid hundreds of bills. he said no to everything. the democrats have obstructed president obama. >> boehner sat on immigration for years. boehner sat on the immigration bill. >> you know how obstructionist the emperor has been. the emperor has no clothes.
11:38 am
he has no clothes. he has a crown, but no clothes. >> we've got to go. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it as always. have a good weekend. >> bye. take care. >> tennings are moun mounting in ferguson, missouri, with a grand jury meeting today. expected to decide any day now whether to indict officer darren will soon in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> we are told that some protesters were arrested during the scuffles as anxiety grows that wilson could go free. steve harrigan is live in clayton, missouri. steve, exactly how serious did this protesting get? i mean, the video is pretty dramatic. >> the video is dramatic. you really have to keep in mind numbers as well. not really captured sometime on the small screen. just about 40 people in all last night. of those 40 at least three were arrested. the police mainly targeting protesters who were blocking traffic. at times using pepper spray, but overall we've seen pretty small
11:39 am
numbers. certainly nothing like we saw so far back in august. of course, this grand jury which has worked in secrecy for the past three months really seems to be getting ready to make an announcement. we've seen some preparations for media announcement. we've seen some lobbying especially from school superintendents to try and make that announcement on a welcome. they want as little disruption of the school day as poobl. what you talk to people down here really to a man or a woman, they say they are scared about what could happen. the past 24 hours the brown family has come out. michael brown sr. making a public service announcement saying he wants the protests to remain peaceful. >> new no matter what the fwrand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vein. i want it to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the st. louis region better for everyone. >> already in the region we've seen a number of cancellations of events and concerts. people are trying to prepare for
11:40 am
what possibly could be tough days ahead. heather, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. steve harrigan live. let's hope not. let's go to harris who is in for shepherd smith reporting live from the fox news death. >> good to see you. the islamic state has released another propaganda video. this one shows a british hostage in a fake newscast. an isis fighter is told in iraq have attacked a government facility at a key town. losing that city could be a huge setback for iraqi forces and, of course, the big question for us is, well, how will that affect the role of the u.s. military there? will they need us now more than ever? i will ask major general bob scales. he has already said the best iraqis in that city can hope for is not to lose any more ground to the terrorist army. i'll see you
11:41 am
the truck leaking gas, reportedly, before the explosion. maybe that's what caused it. no respect. that is how many of you apparently feel about your jobs. why your boss may want to believe a little more in their employees. if they want better business. we'll talk about that. this is why you look both ways before you cross a street. ah. watch that is guy almost, almost turns into a truck sandwich. that is one angry groundhog. take a look. why he is chasing the carpenter around baghdading the question how much would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood? or a wood worker, anyway. (vo) rush hour around here
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starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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here's what america is clicking on today. a pedestrian in china luck where i to be alive after walking across a street when a dump truck comes speeding by, slamming into a passenger car. the man just barely escaping. being crushed by both vehicles. very lucky. this vine going viral of a duke football coach losing his mind trying to pump up his team before taking on my team, the tarheels. sadly, all of the cheers, slamming in the world department stop the blue devil from getting stuffed. 45-20 was that score. 45-20. i'll repeat it. an eagle giving a bird's eye view of the river -- of this river in london, the river thames. soaring high above the city. the video being used to raise awaerns of the endangered white-tail eagle. that's remarkable. >> unless have you motion
11:46 am
sickness. >> well, someone call aretha franklin. we have a respect problem in the workplace apparently. a new study showing that half of employees working around the world don't feel like they're respected by their boss. that is bad for business. the constituted where i found that those that get respect from their leaders reported 56 better health and well being. 89% greater job enjoyment. 92% fwraert focus and priority sgrags meaning people not only like to work, but they're happier employees. they stay with their companies longer. let's fwet our power panel in on this one. steven sigmund, the senior vice president of a fwloebl strategy group, and a democratic strategist and former communications director for new jersey governor john corzine and jean marks. cpa and business columnist and comedian sherod small brsh. >> who's who, america? >> following sherod, right? >> aretha franklin. s r-e-s-p-e-c-t. how important is that in the workplace?
11:47 am
>> it's very important. too many people have bosses like the duke football coach slamming things around. clearly. you don't need a study to know this. any good workplace, it's as important who you work with as what you do, right? you should have a kind of no a-holes policy, but, unfortunately, too many work places don't, and a lot of people don't really have an option because they need the paycheck. >> why do you think that is? it would make sense for business owners if you have a happy employee then, you know, your employees are going to do a better job working for you. >> some people don't see happiness as boupt the bottom line. if you are making a lot of money for you, they may be cheerful. some people are just slave drivers. wropt to say it. it's hardworking under them. i'm talking about rupert merdock right now. >> just got everybody fired here. >> i love working here. this is a great place to work. >> i can speak. have i ten employees in my company. a lot of clients. some of it actually the employees have to look at themselves in the mirror as
11:48 am
well. as a boss, i look for employees that are passionate about what they are doing and enjoy what they are doing. you have been here around four, five years. fox news, as a lot of fans, a lot of critics as well, but, you know, you want have to hear that. this is all about where you work, and that's what your bosses want to hear as well. altud has a lot to do with it about your job. >> you want respect. go. lee. get another job. either you're going to learn and say it is too hard here or it wasn't so bad. >> do more people stay in jobs that they don't like if they're being paid what they consider a fair or a better wage than they'll get somewhere else? >> a lot of cases people don't have a choice at all. a lot of people in low wage professions don't really have a choice, and they need that paycheck xshgs they live paycheck to paycheck. that's why you have to have workplace protections where people aren't treated so badly, and a lot of times there is a line between that sort of -- >> i think a lot of bosses can actually detect when you don't
11:49 am
have your own sort of self-respect. i'm not saying that people don't have choices butt because people do. >> i don't like everybody that i work work but i don't have to like somebody to respect them. you know? i'm thinking about what they're doing. i respect that. >> words of wisdom. >> if you don't like them and you know they don't like you, leave. get a new job. work at mcdonald's. try burger king. just try a new place. maybe get an equal job somewhere elsewhere a better situation. >> or try the horrible bosses routine. something i'm hired. >> i like that one. i'm waiting for two. that's fun. >> well, coming up, russian spies looking directly into your home. how hackers are getting pictures of babies and posting them on the web. also, pictures of you maybe. plus, thousands of pigs -- yes, pigs -- trapped in an overturned
11:50 am
trouk a highway. now there's a desperate struggle. why emergency crews to rescue them. can't say thank you enough.
11:51 am
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow
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of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the real story." one web site keeping an eye on your baby, home and business. streaming the video, posting it on the internet for the world to see because you didn't do one thing. trace gallagher is live with more on this story. hi, trace. this is concerning. >> it is creepy. creepy because you're spying on people but we're talking about baby monitors here, web cams, security cameras. we won't give you the name of the web site but we're talking about cameras from 100 different countries around the world just in the united states. there are some 4,500 cameras on this web site. the cameras have not been
11:54 am
hacked. they're just unsecured, making them very easy targets. the site is trying to prove a point to show how important it is to check your security settings, saying, and i'm quoting, to remove your public camera from this site and make it private, the only thing you need to do is change your camera default password. experts say the problem is you have a lot of people who buy these cameras and the default user name and password is what they go with. one camera company says this is no excuse for spying, saying, quoting here, just because someone leaves their window open it does not give permission for an unauthorized individual to set up a camera outside their window and broadcast the feed worldwide. so authorities in the united states in australia, and the u.k., are very well aware this web site exists and it's up clear if they can shut it down. so for the time being they're just trying to worn people, get the word out to check your security settings on your
11:55 am
cameras to make sure you're not targeted. gate password, check the security setting do not go with the deasphalt you will not be on this web site for the world to see. >> change the default password. don't make it your birthday and the word "password" either. thank you very much. >> right. >> serious news. a window washer taking quite a dive, crashing down on this car. look at that. from 11 stories above. the streets of san francisco. the man miraculously, we're told, was still alive after he landed. emergency crews rushed the man to the hospitalment the driver was also in the car at the time. but was uninjured. we'll continue following it for you. a rodent goes on the rampage, giving one man the scare of his life. why you better not make this cranky critter angry. >> the furry little fuzz ball is coming at me, and came too
11:56 am
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>> thousands of pigies going wee-wee, wee to the vet. after this, semi truck flipped over in indianapolis. no word on what sent the truck tumbling. rescue keys were sent in to help the pigs. the driver was uninjured. tragically, though, some 700 of more than 2,000 pigs suffocated before they were saved but they're doing the best to save those. a wild rampage in new hampshire to tell you about, a groundshog on the rampage, the cranky critter terrorizing an entire neighborhood. he is not happy. threatening two neighbors, chasing after one of their dogs as well. >> chased murphy around the yard
12:00 pm
to the other side of the fence. >> i was very fortunate when he first came up to me, he didn't grab me. i'm glad i saw him. >> we're glad he did, too. fortunately, no one was injured. thank you for joining us, here's harris in for shep. >> i'm hairs falkner no for shepard smith. president obama set to speak later this hour one day after telling the nation he is taking executive action on immigration, but house speaker john boehner says the move is damaging the presidency and is warning the house will,act. >> violent demonstration friday the west bank an palestinians face off with the israeli military. we'll go wife to jerusalem. -- go to jerusalem. break news when it happens. president obama goes it alone on immigration. among his critics today, some big names in


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